(It’s Not) About Us

Originally published in 1950 by the Louisville Chamber of Commerce for “Mr. Businessman and Mrs. Housewife” (yikes, we really said that!), Louisville Magazine is now for all of us — people full of complexity and contradictions, just like our city. Since 1993, the magazine has been independently owned, in pursuit of a more honest portrait of Louisville. We believe in reporting that puts depth over speed, writing that surprises and photography you’d frame over your mantel.


From Algonquin to Buechel, Clifton to downtown, the East End to Fern Creek, Germantown to Hikes Point — we’ll stop at the letter H, but you get the idea — we want a Louisville where everyone feels seen, known and needed.

Contributors (in the past two years or so): Danny Alexander, Bruce Allar, Rachel Amin, Suki Anderson, Betty Winston Bayé, Arielle Biddix, Emily Bingham, Charlee Black, Laurie Blayney, Brian Buchanan, Eric Burnette, Enrique Camacho, Rita Cameron, Julio Cesar Rodriguez Aguilar, Andrew Cenci, Arielle Christian, Clay Cook, Aldrena Corder, Bridget Couch, Howell Dawdy, William DeShazer, Bill Doolittle, Jessica Ebelhar, Nikayla Edmondson, Lynnell Edwards, Michelle Eigenheer, Christine Fellingham, Sarah Flood-Baumann, Shae Goodlett, Adrienne Hamilton, Joey Harrison, Sara Havens, Cassia Herron, Sean Patrick Hill, Minda Honey, Terrence Humphrey, Andrew Hyslop, Tom Johnson, Michael L. Jones, Ricky L. Jones, Dylon Jones, Shellee Marie Jones, Gail Kamenish, Matthew Keck, Eli Keel, Sarah Kelley, Chris Kenning, Jenny Kiefer, Taylor Killough, Joon Kim, Sammy Kimura, Jenni Laidman, Karisa Langlo, Mark R. Long, Bill Luster, Anne Marshall, Adam Mescan, Douglas Miller, Katie Molck, Mary Chellis Nelson, Hannah Rose Neuhauser, Carrie Neumayer, Patrick Piuma, Brandon Quick, Adam K. Raymond, Keith Runyon, Tatiana Ryckman, Starr Savoy, Jon Shaw, Patrick Smith, Jaylin Stewart, Victor Sweatt, Amy Talbott, Ted Tarquinio, Maddie Weiner, Jack Welch, Mary Welp, West of Ninth, Mickie Winters, Chris Witzke, Charles Wolford, Josh Wood


Publisher  Matthew Barzun

Editor  Josh Moss

Production and Media Manager  Alexandra Winters

Operations Manager  Deana Nelson


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